We are a global network of experts working with clients, communities and colleagues to develop and implement innovative solutions to the world’s most complex challenges.

Michael S. Burke Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Delivering clean water and energy. Building iconic skyscrapers. Planning new cities. Restoring damaged environments. Connecting people and economies with roads, bridges, tunnels and transit systems. Designing parks where children play. Helping governments maintain stability and security.

We connect expertise across services, markets, and geographies to deliver transformative outcomes. Worldwide, we design, build, finance, operate and manage projects and programs that unlock opportunities, protect our environment and improve people’s lives.

By anticipating and addressing permit requirements early on in the project design, we help implement a permitting strategy, development schedule and mitigation plans that expedite permit acquisition and compliance. Expert regulatory negotiations throughout the project help resolve technical and external stakeholder issues and create favorable permit conditions while achieving the ultimate goals of maintaining project schedules and ensuring compliance. This method has contributed to successful projects for a broad range of government, energy (oil and gas, wind, solar, tidal), industrial, waste disposal, utilities, mining and real-estate clients worldwide. For example, our thorough approach helped us prepare one of Australia’s largest and most comprehensive environmental impact statements and technical studies for a mining expansion project.

Across our broad impact analysis, assessment and permitting practice, our experience serves to achieve our clients’ goals, ensuring they are operating according to their own business requirements as well as complying with regulatory requirements.

Clients in every region of the world depend on our ability to design, build, finance and operate their most critical projects. Our technical knowledge, local connections and broad market experience allow us to deliver specialized solutions across the entire project life cycle.